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Super easy - Just 2 buttons

It can't be easier. Just 2 buttons. One to generate the Coupon and another one to capture the coupon a cliente is showing us.

How it works

Client version

Easy for the client. One button to capture the Coupon you are showing and another one to redeem a coupon.
No need for the client to subscribe or give any information. Not even an email address.

Commerce version

Main features

  • QR Coupons
  • Free App.
  • Type of coupons: cash, % off, short txt
  • Type of uses: 1 use, n uses, first x clients
  • Share via email, facebook, twitter ... Through in-app purchase


  • I was using QrQpons and giving Coupons to my clients since minute 1. I love this App. And I can't beleive it's free. Susanne Salcedo
  • I have never given coupons to my clients. But now with QrQpons I have discovered how to promote some articles and how to make clients come back to my shop. Clark Brown

Client version

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Keep an eye on us. We will release this App in the upcoming days.

This is just a first of a series of Commerce Apps that will change the way you make business. More will come in the future and you can make suggestions on how you want this Apps to be. Just contact us.